Studies say 4-year-old children ask about 300–400 questions per day. Mothers ask about 100. We figure wakesurfers only ask smart and relevant questions, so we tried to answer as many as we could in advance below. Inevitably, we have missed several of them. So read below, then ask away and we will try to answer them all.

Registration for the event will cost $0 as it is an invite only event, hope you get an invite!

Main Event: 3 professional judges will review each heat, each judge carries a total of 33.3% of an athlete’s score. 

Online Fan Vote: All Team edits  from the event will be posted for a Team Overall fan vote the week following the main event. There will also be a Women’s and Men’s individual line fan vote competition.

Athletes who place accordingly in the live event will be required to fill out a W9 (USA) or a W8ben (outside of the US) and then Alliance Wake will send a check or pay via EFT.