One Epic Day of Shredding and Filming with Friends!

In what’s typical of ocean surf culture, the lineup can be one of feast or famine. The regular battle to be in the best position is one of self-righteousness. Right or wrong, it’s a party of one…

Hearing the “party wave” call in the lineup can make every surfer smile. It’s an invitation for all abilities, all styles, and boards of every type to join-in and appreciate a wave moment together. Tomfoolery and light-hearted spirit ensues where anything can go, and all are welcome. A fun break from the norm can reset the spirit of the lineup and uplift everyone’s session.

Since the dawn of wakeboarding our watersports community has evolved to embrace the true come one come all nature of watersports. Then add to that the adaptation of being able to surf behind the boat and it has become a boat party.  With the continued evolution of wakesurfing, the team at Alliance wanted to create an event that captures the spirit of the ocean party wave combined with our activity’s go-boating nature. That spirit inspired the Alliance Wake Party Wave Presented by Montara Boats event. We’re taking the 12 best wakesurfers in the world and putting them in the boat for a day of ripping and camaraderie. To raise the stakes, we make it a competition – one team captain (female pro surfer) gets to pick 2 friends to share their session with. The Alliance media team guides, captures and packages all of the riding, fun and team vibes. The best 3 trick line from each rider will be built into a team edit for a judged competition. The judged event is followed by a stand-alone public fan vote with the same team lines and Women’s and Men’s individual lines. All of this content will be pushed out via all Alliance channels.

Stay tuned for more as we announce the athletes, timing and content for the best wakesurfing party event in 2024.